"Last week Gary and I received our package of wedding photos from our May 16th wedding at the Santa Barbara Courthouse. We just wanted to write to express our gratitude to you---the photos are lovely. Thank you for taking the extra time to shoot so many locations and backdrops and for sending us the additional photos. We also appreciated working with someone who is so skilled and has so much experience. Because of these photos, we will have incredible memories of our ceremony as well as the Courthouse interior and gardens. Thank you so much!" Megan Saling

"The photos are perfect, thank you so much. We will definately come and see your studio next time we come to Santa Barbara." Love, Laureen X

"We received the proofs of our engagement session on the beach and our parents home we are very pleased. I never thought they would look so good." Thank you, Chris and Mary

"Thank you for adding to the joy and magic of our wedding day." Wishing you our best, Jerri and Brian K

"Thank you once again for doing such a lovely job on our wedding photos! Its so nice to capture all the right emotions on that special day. it was a shear pleasure working with you." Garry & Patty

"I want to express how happy we are with our wedding pictures. You did an amazing job! The pictures and album are gorgeous - the best wedding pictures I have seen. Another professional photographer commented on what a wonderful job you did. We really enjoyed having you and you husband at the wedding as well - we had lots of fun! I will be recommending you to all my friends." Thank you, Ammon

"To just say "Thank You" is totally inadequate for the fantastic job you did for us on May 17th. All the pictures are terrific and Ammon"s bridal album is one of the most beautiful I have seen. You and your husband were delightful to work with and that made our "Special Day" even more special. Your work is perfection and we really appreciate your time, effort and professionalism in recording our daughters wedding in pictures." Sincerely, John & Ammon

"Just a note to thank you again for all of the time and effort you put into photographing our weddingday & the casual pictures at the beach. We are really looking forward to having such lovely pictures to remember the day. Thanks for being a special part of our day." Kathleen McK

"Just wanted to say "thank you" you both have helped in making our day very special. I know you both worked so hard and it is much appreciated. I'm glad that we got to know each other and both of you are very lovely people. Our door is always open if you want to come to Colorado. My best to you always." Love, Don

"Thank you for all of your help. Our wedding photos are absolutely lovely! It was a pleasure working with you." Best wishes, Phoebe Stewart

"A special thanks to you for your time and patience on our wedding day. Our photo album is fantastic: it tells a wonderful "story"." Thank you, Larry & Charlotte Sell

"It was so special to be able to be with my children when they saw their wedding pictures for the first time, They were very pleased. It was fun going to the park and hearing them laugh at how some of the pictures took a little effort. Thank you for being there and for all the sweet pictures you took." Connie Lumeker

"I must say once more that our wedding photographs are absolutley beautiful. My utmost thanks for everything you've done. I wonder if your new studio would be ready when I have my baby around September - October? I would love you to take his first & the family's first picture." Sincerely, Cindy Doeher